What is FOPI PASAL(E)? What are its benefits?
FOPI Pasale is the first download enabled assistance shop that helps consumers download quality legitimate audio and video of their choice in few minutes. FOPI PASAL will be an authorized agent for distribution of available songs and videos for the platform.

There are two kinds of FOPI Pasale Scheme:

  1. CDN Box based
  2. ISP based
1. CDN box based FOPI PASAL(E) :

A CDN box based FOPI Pasale is provided with a CDN box which is connected with FOPI Cloud. A FOPI Pasale can download updated movies and songs from his dashboard to this CDN Box. A CDN Box gives faster transfer rate since the content is locally available. You can send content to 4-6 devices within minutes.

The FOPI Pasale has to pay NRS. 25000 (Onetime Payment) for this kind of hardware setup.

Here is how it works:

  • The CDN box that is provided is connected to a FOPI Router which in turn is connected with a ISP router.
  • Customers can connect to FOPI router and buy contents via the app.
  • Once they click the “Buy” button, A token is generated, which will be approved by FOPI Pasale after collecting the money.
  • This way, the content is sent to the respective customer’s mobile phone. The contents once downloaded can be watched via the app on their phone.
2. ISP based FOPI PASAL(E) :

An ISP based FOPI pasale has to buy an extra router which will be configured by our support team. This router (FOPI Router) will be connected to FOPI Pasale’s ISP router via which they can download required movies from our distribution network.

This service costs NRS. 500 and they will have to buy a seperate router. (TP-LINK recommended). Customers can connect to FOPI router and then buy the content they want. A token will be generated which will be approved by the Pasale itself once the money is collected. The content is then delivered directly to the customer’s mobile app.

  • How can consumer download contents?
    • The consumer will connect to the FOPI Router at the Pasal without any password. The router will only be able to operate our application and nothing else.
    • Consumers will download the application from the Pasal or from playstore if they have not downloaded yet.
    • Customers will open the application and surf the contents in the application.
    • Customers will select the contents they want to download by clicking on the download button.
    • The customer will then select the buy button on the cart of the application (Editing can be done of the cart).
    • A token will be generated in both the consumers end and, in the dashboard, provided to the Pasale. The token has to be approved by the Pasale itself once the money is collected.
    • The content is then delivered directly to the customer’s mobile app. A progressive download bar will be shown and a notification will be sent once the download is completed.
    • Downloaded movies, videos and audios can be lasted till 7 days, 3 months and 6 months respectively.
  • What if the criteria of FOPI PASAL did not match with the SHOP REGISTRATION FORM?
    • You won’t be eligible for the membership of FOPI PASAL
    • Please mail us at pasal@myfopi.com or call on 9801180294 for other enquiry
  • What is the Initial Investment for the membership of FOPI PASALE?
    • Pasale has to pay Rs 25000 for the CDN Box. CDN Box is needed for the purpose of downloading the content.
    • Pasale has to keep balance of Rs 500 in the initial time.
  • How does FOPI PASAL make money?
    • We have commission structure for FOPI PASAL as follows:
      • FOPI PASALE would receive 20% from each transaction made by him.
  • Payment Partner
    • FOPI Balance
    • E-Sewa
  • Media Content
    • Fresh Content will be released in every week for PASALE which shall not be available in any other media like YouTube.
    • Video Quality would be of 720p