FOPI Hotspot

FOPI Hotspot is a locally hosted media streaming application that provides authentic Nepali movies, songs, videos and series. The content catalog is updated every fifteen days for the users and they will be notified for the same.

The local networks are hosted in restaurants, accommodation hotels and public commute. The extensions will be sought in other leisure areas like park and waiting stations of airports and buses. FOPI is the first ever hyper-local and global entertainment media streaming and wifi-management application that delivers awesome content to people. By connecting to FOPI hotspots present across locations, users can access a wide range of movies, music and other exciting content and enjoy. Our proprietary hyper-caching technology delivers content at lightning fast speeds without relying on users’ data connection.

This offline video streaming creates an extremely new kind of platform for the content producer and the user to connect. People in Nepal have issues of connectivity, speed and cost with Internet and is not in reach to a lot of consumer to stream content using the data. FOPI bridges that by providing a platform that is reliable in security and connects at a faster speed without any or nominal cost for the consumer.