Content is the essence of FOPI. We stand for and by content. We recognize content as national assets to reflect the then sociopolitical and economical background. Content are the national ambassador of the culture we belong to. We as a platform are open to all types of content presentation and would love to hear new ideas to explore the different types of content and collaboration for those.

We work with movies, series, videos, songs and podcasts under content. Monetization is quite simple in our platform and we provide various array of business model for monetization through our platform. We are equally supportive in building partnerships and helping in promotion of the content through our platform and other media.

We aim to have the largest media collection and are working hand on hand rigorously to attain the goal. If you are a content creator, aggregator or aspirants, you are always welcome to be a part of the ever growing FOPI partners. We are just an email away. Mail us at


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