Learn, Engage, Explore and Evolve are primary fundamental of career Development of Aaviskar Technology P. Ltd.

We as an organization believe in the spirit of constant professional growth of the industry. People being the most integral and integrated part of the organization, we seek them to grow more day by day. Career Development in our organization doesn’t replicate only to the employees but also to the graduates who are interested to grow their both academic and professional knowledge side by side. We are a platform where we empower all the interested students to successfully fulfill all their roles in their academic journey and replicate their academic learning in their professional journey. We are a learning organization and we help them mature professionally through mentorship, trainings, coaching and various academic workshops and more.

  • LEARN:
    Any interested graduates can gain knowledge from our organization. We would cordially provide and guide them for learning and acquiring knowledge. Everyone in our team is a mentor who believes in guiding people to unleash the talent in them.
    We engage our people for nurturing their skills and talents with us. They would fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their effort on work. We promote them to create a value inside them. We empower our people in order to grow their knowledge skills and attitude more.
    We are listeners. We love to take note of our employee’s ideas, perceptions and skills. Our people are free to discover in the industry. We will always welcome to those who wants to explore in different fields to learn. We believe there are some people who are more well-informed and capable to discover novel possessions.
    We encourage people to find their talents and evolve as a personality of their own. We support each individual in the journey and quest of finding their role and contribution in the society. We are glad to be a part of what people aspire to become and the way they want to help the planet become a better place to live in. We welcome the idea of people and would nourish them to our full potential.

Our approach to career strategy is based on a career partnership approach with various B- College that has following agendas:

  • Empower student to proactively direct their career development using our proven process.
  • Establish the framework supporting consistent communication with individuals and managers coaches.
  • Manage career opportunities and establish talent mobility in the right place.
  • Placement opportunities for the qualified and enthusiastic graduates.

What we look for?

  • Content Coordinators
  • HR and Administrators
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Android Developers
  • Linux
  • PHP Developers
  • Finance
  • Video Makers
  • Blog writers

How can you be a part of the team?

  • Internship:
    The internship at Aaviskar Technology P. Ltd. is a hand on learning experience for a lifetime. We assure a learning opportunity that provides professional and personal growth.
  • Vacancy:
    In our organization, people comes first and then customer. We like to be an opportunity for those who would be devoted to explore and evolve inside our association.

Aaviskar Technology is a company that is made up of diverse group of people from all walks of life - a mix of engineers, marketers, consultants, artists and MBA's. We are passionate about many things that inspire us to think, shape and create. We are trying to do new things probably first time in Nepal that will test you, motivate you and delight you. Because whatever you do here will be a part of something special. If you are collaborative, passionate, detail-loving and getting-your-hands-dirty kind of person, please send your résumé along with an essay about interests in no more than 200 words at