FOPI is a on demand audio and video media streaming solution established with an objective of providing quality and authentic media to its consumers. It consists of a team of young and talented programmers, managers and analyst and comprises a unique captivating mix of innovative ideas, smooth execution and the right sprinkle of creativity. Our team is passionate about web developments and marketing and stays up-to-date with the latest tools and trends by participating in various industry events. Passion, dedication and determination are our key values.

Beyond marketing and web, they are now moving to entertainment industry. We are here with an experience of content management and analytics that promotes us well to create entertainment for people. We love bringing entertainment to the consumers easy and at lower charges.

FOPI is a Nepali video-on-demand application that can be downloaded locally or globally through app store or locally hosted networks (hotspots). This application provides authentic movies, songs, videos and series. The content catalogue is updated every day for the users and they will be notified for the same.

This video streaming application creates an extremely new kind of experience for the content producer and the user to connect. People in Nepal have issues of connectivity, speed and cost with internet and is not in reach to a lot of consumer to stream content using the data. FOPI bridges that by providing a platform of download shops (FOPI PASAL), network carrier bundling and online applications.

The users can create playlist and mark watch list for their convenience. They can also download the songs, videos and podcasts to stream it offline at their handiness.