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Jau Hida Pokhara

01 H 41 M 18 S    2016

The film revolves around the life of actress Rekha Thapa who was supposed to fly to Pokhara to shoot her film "Jau Hida Pokhara" but fails to do so due to uninvited problems and hurdles. At the airport, she meets Ravi Luitel who beomes a source of support and problems as well. How will Rekha face all those problems and tackle with Ravi and reach Pokhara? Or what will happen in between? Find out all these mystery at Jau Hida Pokhara.

Directors: Shovit Basnet

Producers: Ganesh Dhakal,Ganesh Kumar Shrestha

Actors: Jiwan Luitel, Rekha Thapa,Shovit Basnet,GK Sharma,Ram Gautam,Ananda Thapa

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