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Hawaldaar Suntali

02 H 21 M 09 S    2015

Hawaldar Suntali is the story of a police Suntali who has been raped by her colleague along with a minister. After she gets raped, she starts her journey for getting justice. During her journey, she faces lots of ups and down, she looses her loved one. Accidentally she meets Nisha who looks alike Suntali. She shares her all pain and handles her responsibility to Nisha to take her revenge and give her justice. Nisha is a pick-pocketer who is staying at Kathmandu. She is unaware of any police system nor any laws. Nor she knows anything about Suntali. Will she take the responsibility of Suntali and help her to get justice? How will she do? You have to watch the movie to know in detail about Suntali’s journey to get justice

Directors: Rishi Lamichhane

Producers: Chhabi Raj Ojha

Actors: Kishor Khatiwoda, Sabin Shrestha, Shilpa Pokhrel

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