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Bindass 1

01 H 50 M 19 S    2016

"Bindaas" is the story of Megha who had enough of her current boyfriend because he wasn’t as strong and romantic as she expected him to be. So she left him and gets attracted towards another guy, Rohan, whom she meet in an accident on her way to Kathmandu.Rohan was more attracted towards Megha’s figure. As they get together, Rohan also found Megha’s best friend equally attractive. The movie is about the confusion of Rohan between Megha and her hot friend. I don’t want to ruin your movie viewing experiences by divulging what happens between them.

Directors: Raju Giri

Producers: Raju KC

Actors: Susma Karki,Ashok Phuyal,Sudan Dhital,Susant Karki etc.

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