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Timi Hunchau Jaha Jaha

01 H 57 M 31 S    2018

The movie Timi Hunchhau Jaha Jaha revolves around two characters, Shaksi (Malina Joshi) and Ashutosh (Manish Sundar Shrestha) who meet in Kathmandu after she gets drunk with her roommate Meera (Tamanna KC). They meet ‘unexpectedly’ time and again and eventually fall in love. But the story takes a turn after the entrance of Benjo (Swaroop Parush Dhakal), a gangster who only cares about money and himself.

Directors: Vikash Basyal

Producers: Madan Dawadi, Dal Chandra Dawadi, Hari Prashad Adhikari

Actors: Manish Sundar Shrestha,Malina Joshi,Swaroop Purush Dhakal

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